3 Things You Need to Make Gourmet Coffee at Home

More than half of adults drink coffee.  There are many exciting fun gourmet coffees out gourmet coffee at homethere.  Sure, gourmet coffees are available at many coffee houses. However, some times we want to make these fun gourmet coffees at home…

…There are simple techniques, that can be used at home to make a great gourmet coffee.  Yes, you can make iced coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, and so much more at home. There are 3 things you need to make gourmet coffee at home.

Try These 3 Things You Need to Make Gourmet Coffee at Home

1- Use a Water Filter, to Improve the Taste of any Gourmet Coffee at Home

You can improve the taste of any coffee by filtering the water.  It may sound obvious when you think about it. However, coffee is mostly water; that is why, purified water will make a gourmet coffee at homesignificant impact on taste.

Instead of using ordinary tap water, it makes sense to buy or make purified water prior to brewing your gourmet coffee.  You can spend a lot of money, by installing a clean-tasting water purifying system in your house, with all the bells and whistles.  However, a much cheaper solution is to buy a Brita pitcher.

I have two Brita pitchers at home, one pitcher in the refrigerator and the other for room temperature purified water.  This way your main ingredient for your gourmet coffee, will be ready to go! Buy a Brita pitcher here, and don’t forget to stock up on extra filters here.

2- Make and Iced Gourmet Coffee at Home that Actually Tastes Like Coffee

gourmet coffee at homeHow many times have you had a poor tasting iced coffee?  When you add ice to coffee it taste like a diluted cheap cup of coffee.  The ice just waters down your drink. Here are two solutions for watered down iced coffee:

  1. Pour gourmet coffee into Ice trays, then later use in the blender.
  2. Pour gourmet coffee into a stainless steal martini shaker, then place the shaker into a large bowl filled with ice.   You can later use this cool coffee in a blender to make iced coffee beverages.

3. Make Latte or Cappuccino Gourmet Coffees at Home with a Milk Frother

How frustrating is it, when your at home and want a latte, cappuccino, or cafe au lait, but can’t leave your home.  The best solution is to get a milk frother.gourmet coffee at home

I have tried different milk frothers; however, I highly recommend an electric frother.  Electric frothers, with out doubt, are the most convenient way to froth milk.  Basically, pour in the milk product into a milk frother, press a button, and in a few minutes it froths milk.

Our favorite Milk Frothers is the Epica Automatic Heater Carafe:

  • Heats cold milk,
  • Detachable carafe.  There is no cord getting in the way!
  • Level indicator, indicating the right amount of milk.

All that, and it’s available for a great price. Buy the Epica milk frother now.

How To Get Both Essential Vitamins and Caffeine from one Cup!  A True Vitamin Infused Coffee, Fast and EASY…

…Then I highly recommend a powerful Vitamin Infused Coffee called VitaCup:

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With it, you can quickly get both caffeine and essential vitamins in one cup.  VitaCup provides Top Label of Coffee- vitamins and minerals in coffee - coffee vitamin b - coffee and vitamin c- taking vitamins with coffee- vitamins with caffeine in them - caffeiessential vitamins and caffeine, quick and easy for any busy life.

Best of all, VitaCup Vitamin infused coffee it only takes a few seconds per day to drink and get your essential vitamins. If you want to cut time in drinking coffee and taking vitamins, then give it a shot. I think you’ll be pretty satisfied with the results!